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How long have you been helping customers in this community? It’s been the better part of a decade now that we’ve been helping restoration companies specifically generate water damage leads.

When was your business established? Real Time Lead Gen was officially created in 2010. That said, it’s roots go back many years previously during the owner’s lifelong fascination with marketing, with a special emphasis on internet specific marketing.

What are the values and beliefs of your company? We believe 1000% in EXCLUSIVE leads…period. Hence our name, REAL TIME leads…direct phone calls from the customer to the business owner. The shared, stale lead model has never been something we offered, nor ever plan to, as we see it as counterproductive to both the client’s, and our own, ROI.

What services are offered to customers in this area? Water damage marketing, with a special emphasis on internet specific campaigns. In a nutshell, positioning websites so our clients are seen first over their competitors.

Describe how your services differ from the competition? We’ll always circle back to how important it is for lead gen to be both EXCLUSIVE AND REAL TIME. Why would you want to fight over shared leads between yourself and 2,3, even 5+ of your competitors? Most ‘lead gen’ companies are selling the same leads to multiple of your direct competition on top of being hours if not days, weeks, or months old.

Give us a call today to get started receiving more real time, exclusive leads for your restoration company.

Real Time Lead Gen
150 E 10th St
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
(570) 316-4775


Water Damage Restoration Leads

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