How expensive are water damage leads?

Right off the bat, I’m going to say this is a loaded question…and very subjective too even though it might seem very black and white at first glance.

The question being “How expensive are water damage leads?

Why do I say that?

For a number of reasons:

Because you first have to define what a ‘lead’ is specifically. Many so called “lead gen agencies” will try to sell you a list of stale, untargeted junk that you need to attempt to call before your competitors do (because they sold/shared the lead to 3-5+ of your direct competition at the same time)
You get what you pay for…who cares if you can technically buy a lead for half the cost of a top tier provider…if it’s not something that’s ever going to turn into a proper, paying restoration job.

We only sell 100% exclusive restoration leads.

And they are live, real time phone calls direct with the homeowner.

They are calling you, not vice versa. It’s a massive difference in barrier to entry and signing the client.

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