Free Water Damage Leads

Yeah you read that right…

For the next 3 days, or for the first 9 people that hop on this offer, whichever comes first…

We are offering free water damage leads for action takers…

It’s currently Monday 4/17/23

And to be very clear, when we say “lead” we mean a live phone call direct from the local homeowner that is in immediate need of the specific restoration services that you offer…period, FULL STOP!

In fact, you can check out dozens of real world examples of actual call recordings of the kind of laser targeted leads that we generate for clients here.

Neither the timeframe nor the 9 person limit are your typical marketing “false scarcity” bullshit…

3 day limit – I’m only rewarding action takers. And for that matter, I only want to work with people who really get after it and can pull the trigger on high value opportunities.

9 person limit – That’s the current number of new projects I like to start at any one time. That’s the workload I like to take on that I know with my current SOP’s and staff that I can handle efficiently and effectively.

Capping it at 9, I know I can setup those new projects and start generating quality leads for them in the appropriate timeframe (typically within 7-30 days, but can take up to 90 for large metros with high competition).

I’ve been kicking ass in the restoration marketing industry for nearly 9 years now! That’s a lot of hyper focused (it’s the only vertical I’m in), deep dive research, finely tuned templates and SOP’s, and high authority assets to rank new projects quickly and effectively.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or have been on my email list, or a subscriber to my Youtube channel…you’ll see that pattern and know that I’m being genuine when I say that.

First come first serve…3 days and the free bonus leads offer expires…or once the first 9 new clients pull the trigger and sign up, I’m closing my doors again for a while (legitimately).

When I open them back up in a few months, I have no plans of offering any sort of discount until, maybe, my typical Black Friday and/or Christmas/New Years annual sales.

Here’s the deal…

Purchase 5 restoration leads, get a bonus lead for free.

Purchase 7 and get 2 for free.

Purchase 10 leads and get 3 bonus water damage leads for free.

Take action and…


Fill out our free Discovery form here to get started.



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